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The Impact of a Teacher

It has been said that a Teacher does not choose the student, but rather the Student chooses the teacher.
Here is what one young man, Earl Generato, had to say about his teachers.
Sensei Michelle Ratthe

My first impression was that you  were a caring person, exceptionally kind, but most of all, someone who not only has the compassion for her work but for her students as well.

You live life, completely aware of the dangers, and yet, to it's fullest. Each day being taught by you has been a great experience and has been influential in many decisions that I have made. It has been and always will be an honor to be your student.

Every karate class has been a great experience for me. Thank you, Sensei, for supporting me and my sister in ever competition that we went to. We will never forget your wondrous teachings!

Sensei Mel Reyes

My first impression was that you were a very down-to-earth kind of person, someone respectable, and great at heart.

You deal with the hardships in life without complaint and have a nice sense of humor. You're a wonderful Sensei as well!

My favorite memories would be when you congratulated me for my results at the Bushido and the wonderful life lessons that you gave us in class. Thank you Sensei, for being such a great inspiration to me!

Sensei Chantalle Jwied

My first impression was that you were a respectable person, communicable, and a great person to be with!

I have never forgotten your upbeat attitude and the way you make the class laugh. You taught me to always go through life with a smile. And for that Sensei, I am very grateful.

Each week for four years, being your student, has been very memorable! Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and having taught me and my sister for all this time!


Sensei Mitch Frucht

My first impression was that you were a kind person that has a serious side as well. You can make karate enjoyable, but at the same time, you know that life is not a game. One chance is all one person has. Thank you for teaching me that.

You know that the world is a cruel place and yet, you can put a smile on your face during every karate class when your students walk in. You make teaching karate a priority in your life along with your other responsibilities. And for that, I find you, Sensei, very admirable.

Every time you congratulated my sister and I at every tournament that we went to was a precious memory for me. Being your student has been and always will be a joyous moment in my life.

 We humbly thank you for showing us the impact we have on others! Oos!
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